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New Project.

I’ve started the baby blanket for Erin, take three. The first two go rounds I frogged for various reasons, and I’m not sad I did that now. The first one, the pattern was too hard for novice-me to follow, the second, the yarn was too thin, and now this one, the third, the yarn is just right! The pattern is Charity Windham’s hexagon baby blanket and Kristen at GoodKnitKisses has put up a VERY helpful loom-along vid on YouTube which has made this process SO much easier. Honestly, those vids are life savers. So I’m about a quarter into it, and I’m quite enjoying it. Here’s a photo of it in progress. The cat had *just* turned his head as I clicked, a nanosecond beforehand, he’d been sniffing at the loom, hahaha. 



I’m using Lion Brand Jiffy Thick and Quick yarn in Salem, and a cheap $2 blue I got from a shop down the road. The blue is 8 ply, so I’ve been using two strands at once to compliment the 12 ply chunky of the Lion yarn.

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Current Project: Wavey Water Shawl.

This is a pattern from Ravelry, a free download for the Knifty Knitter and similar style looms, and can be found here. (There’s another download for it here.)

Now, I find it quite confusing to follow the description of how to do the stitch and it was quite by accident that I figured it out. So, I thought I’d post some pics of how to do the 3 flat stitches without an e-wrap on one peg before moving to the next peg stitch.




One: Flat knit as normal. Working yarn over the peg, above the loop on the peg. Stitch the bottom thread over the flat laid working yarn as normal for the flat knit stitch. Then…




Two: Lay the working yarn over the peg again, this time as if you’re working backwards. Stitch over as normal for a flat knit. Then…




Three: Lay the working yarn over the peg for the third time, as if you’re moving forward once again. Stitch over as usual for a flat knit, then move on to the next peg. Repeat! And that’s it!

So how does it look? Well, here’s a few in progress shots. I’m making a sort of scarf shawl thing, using burgundy wool/acrylic blend and stripes of Malabrigos silk/alpacca/merino blend which is GORGEOUS, but omg, so fine. Never again will I use laceweight.




Overview of the wip on the circular 36 peg loom. I’m doing a flat panel. (Obviously). I cast on using the crochet cast on, without a crochet hook, using the loom hook instead. I think I’m allergic to crochet hooks. (Jk). 




Close up. The Malabrigo is so pretty, seriously. I love it.


Castiel, kitty of the lord and scourge of all yarn, thanks you for your time.




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