2013 Gumeracha Medieval Fair.

The fair was this weekend, and I went up with Minnie. Originally, it was going to be us, Shane and Jazz, but Shane had a sports final and Jazz was ill, so it ended up being only the two of us. That was okay though, it was a good opportunity to catch up with Min. We drove up the winding roads of doom to Gumeracha from the city (Adelaide), and it was really a beautiful day. The hills were green and when we got to the township, it was quite chilly. The sun got rid of that quick smart, though!


We ambled around the fairgrounds and had a good yarn to lots of people – I had a nice chat with the people at the NVG Handakas camp, and then with the falconry people. I HELD A PEREGRINE FALCON. Seriously the highlight of my day. Such beautiful birds. We also watched the jousting, which was great. Gorgeous horses, talented riders, great armour, awesome. 


Overall, it was a lovely day out, though there were a few bad moments – there wasn’t a lot of seating, which was a problem. There also wasn’t enough food vendors, so there were queues for miles, which was frustrating. And I stumbled on uneven ground on the way back to merchant’s alley from the jousting field, and subsequently all my weight went *smash* onto my bad wrist. Of course. It’s always the bad wrist. Sigh. Hurt like hell, I have to say and continued to do so for several days. 


Other than that, it was a lovely day. We stopped at a church fete on the way back home and that was good too. I got a bracelet and a wheat heat bag there. 


So now a few photos. 🙂


ImageNVG Ladoga camp, please note the freshly dyed spun wool. YAY for spinning and dying!




ImageNVG Handakas camp. The Trebuchet was awesome.


ImageJouster horses! 




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It poured last week, which was awesome. I’m looking forward to more rain (though hopefully not next Saturday, that’s Medieval Fair day!), because my plants need it. Anyhoo, here’s a photo of the rain from last week. 🙂



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From the Travel Vault: Portland.

I had a wonderful time in Portland, hell, in all of Oregon. One of the many things I did was a Portland Undergound and After Dark tour. On our stroll around the city, we were shown this piece of public art. 


Now, it’s not as fantastic as the 24 Hour Church of Elvis (for another post!), but it did confuse me for a while. Until our tour guide said what it was, I honestly, truly thought it was a giant q-tip. 


It’s a giant accupuncture needle.



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I’ve gone through all my historical clothing tonight, in a sudden burst of energy (and my knees hate me right now), to see what I still have left. I gave a lot of stuff away over the years, and so I wasn’t sure what I’d kept. There are some gowns I knew I’d have–they’re the sort of thing you wouldn’t give away ever.

In total, I went through two wooden trunks, two closests, four huge fabric bags and three large cardboard boxes. Phew!

So I was quite pleased to see I had kept more than I thought. Now, the gown I was looking for for myself was my 1250 gown, made of blue silk. I knew where my barbette, crespine and fillet were (and I need to modify those a little), but the gown itself and the shirte… not too sure. Thankfully, I found them all, and there was much rejoicing, along with some ‘ow’s’ and a bit of ‘argh, it’s creased,’ but overall, yay. Plus my hand-turned leather shoes, dusted off and all good. YAY.

I do have a photo of me wearing said gown, but it’s quite a few years old and I’ve changed a lot since then, so I’m not really au fait with posting it. Instead, have a few images from wiki commons which illustrate the sort of gown and headwear I’m talking about.


So, the gown is equivalent to what the lady on the right is wearing, with the headwear of the lady on the left.


This is the gown (lady on the right), but neither headpiece is what I’ll be wearing. If Jazz goes with the other gown I have for the event, she’ll be wearing that style of headpiece, though.


This one, lady on the left, is pretty much the exact outfit I plan to wear for the event.

All these illuminations come from the Codex Manesse, a German illumination, done between 1305-1340.

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Random Wistful Daydreaming.

So there’s a $25 million megadraw in lotto coming up soon. The ad asks ‘How would you retire early?’


I would be the constant traveller. I would visit all the places! More seriously, I would visit the following:
Canada (again)
USA (again)
North Korea
South Korea
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
Cook Islands


I would also buy property here at home, because it’s always good to have a place to call home. One with all the amenities, and mod-cons that make for an awesome kitchen, and a pool in the backyard and just revel in it. I’d buy looms, because with a nice house, I’d have a loom room!

So travel and housing. With furniture and what-not. But mostly travel.

And books. God. ALL THE BOOKS.

Well. A lot of the books.


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Inkle Loom Out of the Box.

So, I braved the heat and went into the guest room (seriously, you guys, it’s so hot here. Day ten of the heatwave from hell, and I’m over it.) and unpacked the box that had my loom. It took a while, because there was a LOT of tape to cut through. Clearly I am not the only one who uses mega tape to secure things securely! XD 


Anyhoodle, I got it open and pulled out the loom. It doesn’t look like the shape of inkles that I’m used to seeing, but I sort of got the idea and then read the instructions for the heddle and that helped a bit too. I need to see if my Google-Fu will work and find something about this particular make of Inkle Loom. I’d never heard of Penelope brand – I thought it was the LeClerc “Penelope” loom, but now I’ve seen it, it’s really, really not.


In any case, here it is. The loom, out of the box! (And instruction sheet.)







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Only my chili plant seems to like this never ending heat. Ugh. It’s so revolting here, I can’t even. Behold how hot it’s going to be until next week:

For the farenheit peeps, let me convert those numbers for you:

35 C / 95 F
34 C / 93.2 F
38 C / 100.4 F





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Summer, Writing, Weaving.

It has been HOT here. Hot and humid, and I’ve felt like I’m drowning in my own sweat, which is no fun. Yes, I have an airconditioner, a portable R2D2 type unit, and I’ve been using the dehumidifer setting a lot. Which means lots of buckets of warm water that’s been drawn out of the air. In short, revolting.

I don’t mind the heat, but it’s the humidity that does me in. Subsequently, I’ve been sick, too, although one of the later instances was due to shitty food from a formerly reasonable restaurant. Adelaide peeps, avoid Cafe Michael 2 on Rundle Street like the plague… because the food is likely to give you the plague. And also taste like cat food. Gross.

In between melting and being sick, I’ve been lining up guest blog posts for the forthcoming release of the Aussie anthology, which is awesome and you all should go preorder it now. This is the page for the full anthology and lower down, there’s a section called ‘We also recommend,’ where you can buy the individual ebook novellas if you’d rather do that. Mine is called “The Body on the Beach.”

I also did the happy yay contracted novel dance, because the labour of love that is “City of Jade” has been contracted by Dreamspinner Press and will be out mid-year. I am excite, oh yes. And I finished book 4 of my Archangel Chronicles, phew. Now I’m working on book 5. I’ve also been doing some beta’ing, so it’s not like I haven’t been keeping busy in between my impersonations of a melting pile of goo.

Another thing I’m really excited about is weaving. Back in the reenactor day, I did a lot of tablet weaving. I loved it, and I wish I knew where my tablet loom is now. Oh well. In any case, in my desire to get back into weaving in between writing, editing, reading, guest blogging and sleep, I decided to buy a new loom. So I bought a kumihimo loom. Then a rectangular knitting loom. And yesterday, the piece de resistance, an inkle loom. This is the loom I have been dreaming of for years, so there was much rejoicing. C and other Aussie knitters and weavers, you must check out the shop I got this from. They also have yarn and spinning supplies and the couple who own it are just awesome, seriously. I plug because I love. Virginia Farm Woolwork is the name, and they’re in NSW. And if anyone is on Ravelry, friend me over there! I’m here.


This is not my loom, but it is an inkle loom, and it is awesome. Yes.

My holy grail of looms, though, is the Size 4 Spears Weaving Loom. It was sold in the 50s and 60s as a toy, but it’s a damn awesome and nifty lap loom, and I’m hoping to be able to score one off Ebay one of these days. Though if anyone knows someone who wants to sell a size 4 and doesn’t mind shipping to Australia, I’d love to know!


And that’s been about the size of things here. TV (Spartacus, Supernatural, Primeval, all the cooking shows), weaving stuffs, writing, reading, editing, guest blog posts, sleep. Phew!


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Passing on the Signal.

So my good friend E. E. Ottoman, a fellow fibre lover and history buff, has posed an interesting question on her blog. The full post is here and will, I’m sure, generate some interesting discussion. 

What I posted in response to this thoughtful post is the following: 

For me, the most important thing is how attitudes differed between countries/empires in a certain period. In my quest to figure out what was what and where in the mid-12th century, my first port of call was the inestimable Paul Halsall and his tremendous Internet History Project. The section on GLBT history is *huge* (over yonder) and there’s also full bibliographies which are enormously helpful.

My second port of call is Academia Edu which is like a Facebook for academics and has a huge wealth of information and academic papers on just about anything you can think of.

I also find Etymology Online very useful, eg., the page on the word ‘gay’ and the one on ‘homosexual’

While writing “City of Jade,” what I found interesting was the clear difference in attitudes between Byzantium and the Southern Song Dynasty – in Byzantium, gay relationships were a big no-no, despite Byzantium’s lean towards a Greek identity rather than Roman. In the Southern Song, it wasn’t a big deal, and the term ‘fentao/fen-tao’ was used quite frequently to describe same sex relationships. It’s fascinating to me to see how the openness deteriorated as Western attitudes insinuated on China, particularly towards the end of the Qing Dynasty and during the Manchu rule. (And there’s a wealth of beautiful GBLT love poetry from China and from Persia as well.) 

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I am amused…

I am amused...

I believe that this will be Castiel when winter hits and I can weave without melting because of the heat!

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